Does my Doctor need to know I'm having treatment?

Many of our patients are sent to us by their G.P. or consultant but you can approach us directly without consulting a doctor first.

Were you to consult us directly we would contact your G.P. (with your consent) if we felt there was anything they should be aware of or to obtain any relevant information such as x-ray or scan reports.

We would also refer you to other medical practitioners where necessary or for further tests such as MRI scans etc. (We have a good working relationship with Cobalt, Cheltenham which provides excellent scanning services with the latest scanners. Click HERE for more information)

If you are hoping to claim the cost of your treatment through a health insurance policy then you will usually need to be referred by your G.P. so you may want to speak to them before coming to see us.
Most G.P.’s if you go and explain that you are wanting treatment with us are happy to refer you to this practice to enable you to use your insurance policy. We would then send them a full report outlining our findings and treatment plan